Jodi Jenson

Watercolorist Jodi Jensen is best known for her beautiful florals, adorable bunnies and creative children's illustrations.

  Jodi has tremendous love and feeling for flowers and soft colors of nature. Because of this passion, Jodi has developed into an avid gardener. Every spare moment that Jodi finds, she spends it in her garden both planting and cultivating. Jodi loves a variety of different flowers both in color and in shape. It is from her own garden that the majority of Jodi's works are found. It is a common sight to see a new bouquet every few days at home on the table personally picked and arranged by Jodi herself.

       Animals have a special place in Jodi's heart. She has owned many animals and bunnies such as Holland and Mini Lop bunnies. While painting, Jodi loves to listen to classical music and watch her bunnies romp around the yard eating and hiding in the flowers. Her Lops, of course, have inspired most of her bunny paintings. In addition to bunnies, Jodi has two cats, a chinchilla, a horse, and a frisbee catching border collie, all of which bring her great joy.

       Jodi received her art degree from Brigham Young University which included a semester of art history in Vienna Austria as well as intensive watercolor and figure drawing classes in Hawaii. She has painted all over the world from Canada at the Butchart gardens to France in the gardens of Monet. These unique experiences have blended together to play an important role in the development of her style.

       Over the years, Jodi has participated in numerous art shows and festivals throughout the country, particularly in California. She has enjoyed success ever since her first showing in 1985 and now finds herself inundated with commissions and continued demand for her work. Even though art is a great love of hers, it falls a distant second compared to the importance of her family. She has three children and a supportive husband who is the business manager responsible for the daily operations of the business. They currently reside in Alpine, Utah.

       Jodi's work can now be found in every state and in many foreign markets. Her work has been on the sets of the Barney and Friends Show and Home Improvement. Besides original watercolors, limited edition lithographs and posters, Jodi's work can also be found on greeting cards, T-shirts, cross stitch, gift bags, calendars, wallpaper and now on stickers. She feels truly humbled by the world wide acclaim.

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